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7 Days to Wellbeing:

The science of Positive Psychology and what it can do for you

The Positive Psychology Masterclass focusses on the key applications of Positive Psychology including happiness, resilience, mental health and wellbeing at work. Hundreds of participants have attended the Masterclass over the past decade, enhancing their personal and working lives as well as contributing to the greater good.

The course is for both personal and professional development with the essential knowledge and tools that can be put into practice straightaway. This will appeal to busy professionals who want to add Positive Psychology into their skill set. Learn how to feel good, function well and flourish through our experiential workshops, conducted in small groups, which give you individual attention and equip you to put Positive Psychology into practice.

The PERMA Wellbeing workshop introduces you to the key knowledge and tools of Positive Psychology for personal wellbeing and to use in coaching.

The Wellbeing at Work workshop builds on the foundations of PERMA wellbeing with applications of Positive Psychology for wellbeing at work and in other group settings.

The workshops will suit HR/OD/L&D Professionals, Coaches, Health Professionals, Business Trainers and Management Consultants, Counsellors and Therapists, Mental Health First Aiders, Business Leaders, Managers, Academics, Psychologists, Social Workers, Youth Workers and Wellbeing Champions.

Our training venue for face-to-face Masterclasses: The Engineer’s House, Clifton Down, Bristol

What you will gain from the 7 Day Positive Psychology Masterclass

  • An in-depth understanding of the principles of the science of wellbeing, resilience and flourishing.
  • Practical knowledge to apply Positive Psychology practices into your personal and professional life.
  • A toolkit of evidence-based practices.
  • All your questions answered by two leading practitioners in the field of Positive Psychology.
  • Build a network of fellow professionals to take forward.

The Positive Psychology Masterclass is the creation of two of UEL’s outstanding MAPP graduates, who are successfully applying positive psychology in the UK. It’s a great introduction to positive psychology, whether you’re considering joining us on the UEL MAPP programme, adding to your professional skills and knowledge, or simply want to flourishProfessor Ilona Boniwell,  Founder, Masters in Applied Positive Psychology Programme, University of East London

PERMA Wellbeing

This workshop introduces you to the key principles and evidence-based practices in the science of Positive Psychology, giving you a thorough grounding in the PERMA Model of Wellbeing plus other core concepts in the science . With hands-on experience of the techniques, this highly engaging and practical course will show you how to apply Positive Psychology for personal well-being and how to use it with others. We will show you how to master the essential tools to use in your coaching practice, groupwork and as a wellbeing champion.

Modules include:

1. The Science of Happiness, Wellbeing and Flourishing: The PERMA Model

2. Positive Emotions and Positivity Practices

3. Engagement and Flow

4. Identifying and Applying Strengths

5. Finding Meaning and Purpose 

6. Achievement: Mindsets, Motivation and Goals

7. Developing Optimism and Resilience

8. Building Positive Relationships

Wellbeing at Work

The advanced workshop builds on the PERMA foundations workshop, showing you how you can apply Positive Psychology in groups and for workplace wellbeing. We introduce the new waves of Positive Psychology and take a strengths approach to engagement, performance and success. Our hands-on approach will give you the practical tools to use Positive Psychology in a variety of work settings, and show you how to apply the science for greater wellbeing and resilience at work.

Modules include:

1. The Science of Flourishing

2. Positive Leadership & Positive Deviance

3. The Joy of Work

4. Meaning at Work

5. Strengths across Life

6. Strengths at Work

7. Strengths in Coaching

8. Appreciative Inquiry

9. Advanced Resilience

10. High Quality Connections

Excellent. Covered a lot of ground and all of it was practical and usable. Highly recommended for both personal and professional use. Lots of tools to take this knowledge forward. Love the practicality.Executive Coach, Cornwall

Brilliant. Seamless flow and incorporation of discussion leading in to the material presented. Seamless presentation and well evidenced.GP, Devon

This was such a literally positive experience – there was no post-lunch dip! Thank you both – I’m so glad I came.” Coach, Worcs

PERMA Wellbeing

Next Dates: TBC

Live online over 4 mornings from 09:00 to 12:30 (GMT)

£690 (incl VAT)

*Early Bird rate £450 (incl VAT)

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Maximum 12 participants

Wellbeing at Work:

Next Dates: TBC

Live online over 3 mornings from 09:00 to 13:00 (GMT)

£690 incl VAT

*Early Bird rate £450 incl VAT

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Maximum 12 participants

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Your masterclass will be facilitated by Bridget Grenville-Cleave (MAPP, MBA, FCCA, Assoc. CIPD) and Miriam Akhtar (MAPP), two of Europe’s most experienced Positive Psychology trainers and founder members of the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology and the International Positive Psychology Association.