positive psychology in business and education

the positive psychology masterclass

Now in our 10th year


A 2 x 2-day workshop in the science of happiness, strengths and well-being, suitable both for personal development and for practitioners wanting to incorporate Positive Psychology into their professional repertoire. Learn how to flourish with Positive Psychology tools for your personal and professional life. Designed for those who would like to experience what positive psychology is about, add to their skills and for those contemplating training in the field.

What you will gain?

An in-depth understanding of the principles of Positive Psychology, based on the latest scientific research.

Experience of the key evidence-based Positive Psychology techniques.

Knowledge of how to incorporate Positive Psychology practices into your personal and professional life.

The Positive Psychology Masterclass is the creation of two of UEL’s outstanding MAPP graduates, who are successfully applying positive psychology in the UK. It’s a great introduction to positive psychology, whether you’re considering joining us on the UEL MAPP programme, adding to your professional skills and knowledge, or simply want to flourish.

Dr Ilona Boniwell,  Associate Professor and Founder, Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, University of East London

PART 1: Foundations

Modules include:

1. The Science of Happiness, Well-Being & Flourishing

2. Maximising Positive Emotions & Positivity Practices

3. Engagement & Flow

4. Identifying & Applying Strengths

5. Finding Meaning & Purpose 

6. Mindsets, Motivation & Goals

7. Developing Optimism & Resilience

8. Building Positive Relationships

The Part 1 Foundations Masterclass introduces you to the key principles and evidence-based techniques in positive psychology giving you a thorough grounding in the foundations of the science. In this highly engaging and practical course you will learn how to apply positive psychology to increase your personal well-being and how to use it with others

PART 2: Advanced

Modules include:

1. The Science of Flourishing

2. Well-Being at Work

3. Strengths Coaching across the Lifespan

4. Appreciative Inquiry & Psychological Capital

5. Joy, Meaning & Engagement at Work

6. Positive Leadership & Positive Deviance

7. Advanced Resilience

8. High Quality Connections at Work

Days 3 and 4 of the Advanced Masterclass builds on the foundations of Part 1, showing you how you can apply Positive Psychology in groups, organisations, schools, communities and as well-being champions. We introduce the new wave of Positive Psychology 2.0. Our hands-on approach will give you the tools to use Positive Psychology in coaching, training and Learning & Development and show you how to apply the science for higher performance, engagement and success.

Your masterclass will be facilitated by Bridget Grenville-Cleave (MAPP, MBA, FCCA, Assoc. CIPD) and Miriam Akhtar (MAPP), two of Europe’s most experienced Positive Psychology trainers and founder members of the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology and the International Positive Psychology Association.