Mar 21
7 Highly Effective Habits of Happy People

New for 2012! …

Jan 6
Working from home, switching off, well-being and productivity

The numbers of employees who work from home, so-called teleworkers, has risen dramatically in the past decade or so, enabled by the internet and the availability of high-speed broadband in many areas of the country. In the US it’s the same. According to Fortune Magazine this week, nearly half of U.S.-based companies currently have employees […]

Nov 30
Does it matter whether you live in Hope or in Hell*?

* Hope and Hell are both located in Michigan… One of the aspects of studying positive psychology which really appeals to me is its sheer breadth – the fact that it applies in so many fields of human endeavour and experience.  Positive psychology appears in disciplines as diverse as art and design, education, politics, and […]

May 31
Martin Seligman: The Power of a Positive Thinker

“His goal is to advance the well-being of the world – one sector at a time”. An interesting (and revealing) article from Stacey Burling at The Philadelphia Inquirer on Professor Martin Seligman, often quoted as the founding father of Positive Psychology. Image courtesy of the US Army …

Nov 27
Happiness, Busyness and Holiday Letters

Here’s a link to my post to Positive Psychology News Daily this month, on the subjects of happiness, busyness and holiday letters. Please feel free to add your comments and thoughts here or on the PPND site. Image: sha in LA …

Aug 30
Savouring: In Praise of Slow

The aim of life is appreciation – GK Chesterton Here’s a link to my article on Positive Psychology News Daily this month, on the subject of savouring, the Slow Movement and the physical and psychological benefits associated with taking your time. Image: Thanks to Ellievanhoutte …

Apr 26
Centre for Applied Positive Psychology Conference

Here’s a link to my posting to Positive Psychology News Daily this month, reviewing some of the keynotes at the recent CAPP conference at Warwick University: Well-Being and Behavioural Economics : David Willetts, MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Innovations, Skills and Universities, UK Half-Life – Education for Well-being : Anthony Seldon, Master, Wellington College, […]

Mar 8
Is Yours a Psychologically Healthy Workplace?

The American Psychological Association has just announced the five winners of its 2009 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards. The statistics quoted are interesting: Their average turnover rate is 11% vs 39% nationally 85% of their employees reported being satisfied with their jobs vs 61% nationally 87% of their employees said they would recommend their organizations to […]

Aug 21
Positive Thinking Exercises

Many thanks to Kelly Sonora for sending me this link – 100 positive thinking exercises. My advice would be not to wait until you’re having a bad day to put these into action – once you’re in a negative frame of mind it will require more effort and self-control to get yourself out of it. […]

Jul 5
Employee Well-Being

How does your business define employee well-being? Perhaps you think of it in terms of physical health, providing healthy menus in your staff restaurant, health screening or private health insurance. Or maybe you help employees manage stress or give up smoking? These types of support are common in many larger organisations, and for many HR […]

Feb 2
January Retrospective: More on Achieving Those Goals

Bet you thought Jenny and I were so busy elsewhere that we’d forget to come back to you on the subject of Achieving Your Goals – no chance! after a few minor diversions including Jenny getting her cat seen to and me organising Hugo’s 5th birthday party, (not to mention the proper work in between […]