Oct 3
Financial Costs and Benefits of Focusing on Well-Being at Work

In case you are still sceptical about the benefits of running a well-being programme in your workplace, you’ll be interested to hear that the food giant,  Unilever, has just reported savings of over £300,000 in reduced sickness absence over the past two years as a result of an initiative called ‘Fit Business’ to improve nutrition […]

Aug 30
Savouring: In Praise of Slow

The aim of life is appreciation – GK Chesterton Here’s a link to my article on Positive Psychology News Daily this month, on the subject of savouring, the Slow Movement and the physical and psychological benefits associated with taking your time. Image: Thanks to Ellievanhoutte …

Jul 27
Wellbeing in Schools

Here’s a link to my article on Positive Psychology News Daily this month, about teachers’ wellbeing, and wellbeing in schools generally. As usual, please feel free to add your thoughts and comments here, or on the PPND website. Image: Thanks to Chicago 2016 …

May 6
Best Job in the World – Update

Well, who would have thought it! It’s fantastic news that 34 year old Briton,  Ben Southall, has just landed the ‘best job in the world‘, a 6 month stint as caretaker of Hamilton Island, on the Great Barrier Reef. No mean feat, he was up against 34,000 other applicants from across the world. A good […]

Apr 26
Centre for Applied Positive Psychology Conference

Here’s a link to my posting to Positive Psychology News Daily this month, reviewing some of the keynotes at the recent CAPP conference at Warwick University: Well-Being and Behavioural Economics : David Willetts, MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Innovations, Skills and Universities, UK Half-Life – Education for Well-being : Anthony Seldon, Master, Wellington College, […]

Mar 5
How Positive Psychology Can Boost Your Business

Here’s a great article on the value of Positive Psychology to business, covering all the basics from the benefits of positive emotions (e.g enhancing creativity and problem-solving) to hiring people on their strengths not their CVs. Plus it mentions the work of two of my Positive Psychology News Daily colleagues, David J Pollay and Senia […]

Oct 26
Positive Psychology and the Credit Crunch

In my October Positive Psychology News Daily posting, I look at the application of positive psychology in today’s economic climate. It’s not as if British people like discussing emotions at the best of times, so it’s no wonder they don’t like talking about ‘happiness” when the world (the financial one at least) appears to be […]

Oct 11
Well-being in Schools – Wot, more targets?

More reports from the BBC on the lot of UK teachers, referring to the impending measurement of well-being in schools. On the one hand, measuring well-being could be seen as no more than an extension of the ‘Every Child Matters’ policy, which looks at health, safety, educational achievement, contribution to society and economic well-being. On […]

Aug 22
Perkfests and the Happiness Police

A couple of years ago I met someone at a networking event whose business card described him as a ‘Chief Happiness Officer’. And no he wasn’t wearing a red nose, curly wig and big shoes…As a corporate role I couldn’t see it catching on (not in the UK anyway) but perhaps I was wrong… This […]

Aug 21
Positive Thinking Exercises

Many thanks to Kelly Sonora for sending me this link – 100 positive thinking exercises. My advice would be not to wait until you’re having a bad day to put these into action – once you’re in a negative frame of mind it will require more effort and self-control to get yourself out of it. […]

Jun 18
Unhappy workers take more sick leave

Gallup-Healthways has recently issued details of their Well-being Index – a survey of over 100,000 Americans which shows that employees who are unhappy at work take, on average, an extra 15 days sick leave a year. Yes, that’s right, an extra 15 days a year. The survey assesses well-being at work by asking employees about […]

Apr 13
Money, Happiness, Time

I really liked this article from Australia’s Herald Sun yesterday, about the relationship between money and happiness. As you’d expect from that part of the world, it gets straight to the point; over a certain amount, money doesn’t make you happier. The article suggests that what people who work hard really want is more time, […]

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