Aug 21
Positive Thinking Exercises

Many thanks to Kelly Sonora for sending me this link – 100 positive thinking exercises. My advice would be not to wait until you’re having a bad day to put these into action – once you’re in a negative frame of mind it will require more effort and self-control to get yourself out of it. […]

Jul 10
Visualisation and Creative Thinking in Business

100 ways to use visualisation and creative thinking to identify, explore and resolve business issues, presented in a brilliant Periodic Table format. This is a must for anyone looking for new ways to communicate visually – whether its data, concepts, strategy or metaphors that you want to illustrate. This is a fantastic tool – if […]

Dec 6
Visualizing your goals

Of course I’m an avid supporter of the Open University – I did my MBA at their Business School in the late 90’s and have worked closely with them ever since. So I was delighted to read in the Independent yesterday (5 Dec 2006) that they are partnering the Trades Union Congress to provide a […]