Jun 19
Positive Psychology – Strengths

At college today our MAPP class completed a SWOT Analysis for Positive Psychology. Here’s a summary of what we thought are its greatest Strengths (not necessarily in priority order) : Evidence-based Universal – applies to all cultures and all life-stages Captures the public imagination Provides a common language Deals with real-life issues Brings together diverse […]

Apr 30
Monitoring Well-being in Schools

According to the BBC News today, there are plans afoot to make UK schools monitor children’s well-being, as well as their exam results. On closer inspection of the source report in the Guardian, 18 new social targets are being proposed, among them: * bullying* teenage pregnancy rates* pupil’s drug problems* criminal records* obesity levels. Apparently […]

Jan 3
Where am I now, and where do I want to be?

With 2006 now almost out of sight and the New Year on its way you might be wondering…where am I now, and where do I want to be? Thanks to my experience of living in Asia, and being married to a person of Chinese origin, I have developed an interest in Eastern philosophies and religions. […]