Feb 28
Measuring the Nation’s Well-being: Authentic Happiness and Well-being Theory

In this month’s article for Positive Psychology News, I look at the government’s plans to measure the UK’s well-being in 2011, and Martin Seligman’s new Well-being Theory. Stop Press: the Office for National Statistics has now announced the four well-being related questions that will be included in this year’s Integrated Household Survey. They are: • […]

Sep 4
Emotional Intelligence in Schools

How the next generation will be better prepared for the challenges of the workplace. The Times today reported that “lessons in happiness, well-being and good manners are to be introduced in all state secondary schools”. It’s unfortunate that the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) programme is being labelled in this way by the […]

Apr 14
Searching for Happiness (again)

We wrote a couple of blogs in February / March about the UNICEF study about child well-being in rich countries . On Thursday night the BBC Radio 4’s Analysis programme, Miserable Children , looked at the subject again. The presenter, Andrew Brown, points out that whatever the criticisms of the study’s methodology, the popular explanations […]