Dec 5
Honda and the Joy of Engineering

Even though Ken Keir focused on Honda’s R&D philosophy, explaining that in recessionary times, the company goes against the tide and invests more in R&D rather than less, by the time we reached slide 5 of the presentation on the Honda strategy, vision, values, and behavior, it was pretty clear to me that here was a company founded on positive psychology principles. How did I know?

Mar 5
How Positive Psychology Can Boost Your Business

Here’s a great article on the value of Positive Psychology to business, covering all the basics from the benefits of positive emotions (e.g enhancing creativity and problem-solving) to hiring people on their strengths not their CVs. Plus it mentions the work of two of my Positive Psychology News Daily colleagues, David J Pollay and Senia […]

Nov 16
Using a Strengths Approach at BAE Systems

If you’re sceptical about the value of using Positive Psychology at work, and don’t think it can add much by way of improved business performance, think again. In this article in 1st November’s edition of the CIPD Magazine “People Management“, Tim Smedley explains how global defence and aerospace company, BAE Systems, is adopting a common […]

Oct 26
When Is a Strength Not a Strength?

This article on today’s Positive Psychology News Daily considers whether there is a potential risk in applying a strengths-based approach to people development in organisations. If your organisation is using a strengths model (whether StrengthsFinder, VIA-IS, Strengths Deployment Inventory, Strengthscope or any other) at work, we’d love to hear about your experience. The image is […]

Jul 11
Strengths-Based Recruitment is Making Business Human

Norwich Union is a company at the cutting edge of leadership and management techniques in the UK, for the past 18 month piloting the use of a strengths-based approach in various areas of Organisation Development and Human Resource Management, such as recruitment. For most candidates and companies, the interview process is something to be endured […]

May 9
Identify Your Strengths 1

Since our last blog on Strengths-based Management, several people have asked how to identify what their strengths are; there are a couple of easy-to-use questionnaires, the first is the Values in Action Inventory of Strengths (VIA – IS) . Before you start, just a word of caution. As with all assessments of this kind, we […]