May 9
How to Develop Resilience in the Face of Constant Change

Lessons from IBM’s Global Business Services team on how to ensure the success of your change projects. If you want the most up-to-date research on how to manage change successfully, you need to take a look at IBM’s Closing the Change Gap report (2009), which is based on the results of surveys and interviews with […]

Nov 29
Positive Organisations

Are Positive Organisations some kind of Utopian drivel? I can understand why many business leaders dismiss the goal of building a positive organisation as a bit pie in the sky. After all, the success of a commercial organisation is measured by a) how much money it makes and b) how much market share it has. […]

May 4
Strengths-based management

Many organisations are now talking about managing people according to their strengths, rather than the traditional approach where weaknesses are addressed. I find this new strengths-based approach (being used in recruitment, selection, evaluation, development, project management) very interesting on several levels. In my experience, people seem quite keen to talk about their strengths; at least, […]

Jan 5
The Knowledge Economy – why soft skills matter

According to Will Hutton, Chief Executive of the Work Foundation , the “knowledge economy” (not easy to define, in fact there is a 31 page paper ‘Defining the Knowledge Economy’ on the website) – illustrated by sectors such as business services, education, finance, telecoms – is fast becoming the biggest contributor to UK GDP. The […]