Aug 10
Using Your Strengths in New Ways – 2

How to Use Your Character Strengths in New Ways – Part 2. In your annual appraisal / personal development meeting, does your boss focus on how to use your strengths more effectively, or how to improve your weaknesses (or ‘development areas’ if you’re being PC)? According to Positive Psychologists Chris Peterson and Martin Seligman, using […]

Aug 8
Now Discover Your Strengths…Then What?

How to Use Your Character Strengths in New Ways – Part 1 Have you completed the VIA-IS online character strengths survey yet? We find it an excellent starting point for coaching conversations since many people are completely unaware of their strengths, so it can be an instant confidence boost, as well as providing insight into […]

Jul 16
Well-Being: Aligning Values at Royal & SunAlliance

It has been suggested that the absence of employee well-being and/or the presence of stress is often caused by the conflict between the individual’s values and beliefs and those of the organisation or system that they work within – see Fr Dermot Tredget and Barbara Wren’s comments here. If this is the case, it must […]

May 21
Identify Your Strengths 2

Our last post looked at how to identify your character strengths using the VIA-IS on-line tool. There is another on-line inventory called the Gallup Strengths Finder tool. In order to access it, you need to buy Tom Rath’s book first; with the book you get a password which enables you to access the tool on-line. […]

May 9
Identify Your Strengths 1

Since our last blog on Strengths-based Management, several people have asked how to identify what their strengths are; there are a couple of easy-to-use questionnaires, the first is the Values in Action Inventory of Strengths (VIA – IS) . Before you start, just a word of caution. As with all assessments of this kind, we […]

May 4
Strengths-based management

Many organisations are now talking about managing people according to their strengths, rather than the traditional approach where weaknesses are addressed. I find this new strengths-based approach (being used in recruitment, selection, evaluation, development, project management) very interesting on several levels. In my experience, people seem quite keen to talk about their strengths; at least, […]

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