Sep 2
More FREE Psychology Resources

You can get FREE online access to SAGE journals 1999-2010 here until Oct 15 2010. Thanks to Paul Barrett for the link …

Jul 15
Positive Ageing – Growing Old Disgracefully

The Zimmers, the UK rock band with an average age of 82, continue their bid for world domination… or at the very least some recognition that older folks can continue to play a part in society and deserve to be heard. This is Positive Ageing at its best, and the second example I’ve come across […]

Jul 5
Employee Well-Being

How does your business define employee well-being? Perhaps you think of it in terms of physical health, providing healthy menus in your staff restaurant, health screening or private health insurance. Or maybe you help employees manage stress or give up smoking? These types of support are common in many larger organisations, and for many HR […]

Jan 1
How to Keep your New Year Resolutions

If you still haven’t broken your New Year Resolutions yet [ 🙂 … of course you haven’t, just teasing…] you might be interested in taking part in some scientific research which is being undertaken at University of Hertfordshire in the UK. It was reported in the Guardian on Friday 30th December (“Psychologists seek key to […]