Jan 27
Positive Psychology News Daily

This month’s posting for Positive Psychology News Daily focuses on the recent research behind insomnia and well-being. …

Nov 28
Thanksgiving in 21st Century

Most people know that Thanksgiving is celebrated in North America on the 4th Thursday in November (i.e. last Thursday 22nd), and also in Canada in early October. Like our own Harvest Festival in September, this traditional holiday is an opportunity to give thanks for all the things that you have at the conclusion of the […]

Sep 16
Positive Interventions – Gratitude

A new slant on the Gratitude Diary. There is empirical research to suggest that writing a Gratitude Diary is an effective positive intervention; most studies to date have concentrated on writing a Gratitude Diary on a daily or weekly basis; we have blogged about this before, in March, June and August. Today a friend and […]

Jul 12
Positive Interventions

Public pillow fights, bubble battles, art installations and parties on the tube are just some of the group interventions that Newmindspace duo Lori Kufner and Kevin Bracken have devised to create a sense of community by connecting with people and having fun in the public spaces of Toronto and New York. What we liked about […]

Jul 6
Positive Interventions

One of the ways Positive Intervention can be defined is an activity which is intended to create well-being “by cultivating pleasant emotions, strengths and/or meaning” (JPawelski 2006). Here’s a short video of an inspirational positive intervention, devised by Juan Mann in Sydney, Australia. I suspect that people watching it may think it’s completely irrelevant to […]

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