Oct 29
Why you should be bad at something

Over the past couple of months I’ve written many times about the benefits of focussing on your strengths (e.g. here and here); most Positive Psychology literature (unsurprisingly) concentrates on what’s good about using a strengths-based approach and mentions very little in the way of the downsides. I’ve come across the phrase “overusing strengths”, but that’s […]

Jul 15
Positive Ageing – Growing Old Disgracefully

The Zimmers, the UK rock band with an average age of 82, continue their bid for world domination… or at the very least some recognition that older folks can continue to play a part in society and deserve to be heard. This is Positive Ageing at its best, and the second example I’ve come across […]

May 27
Positive Ageing

…pure inspiration… One of our March blogs looked at the subject of legacy and making a contribution ; we featured the fabulous Peter, aka Geriatric1927 , who posts his own unique videoblogs on Youtube. Well, he’s popped up again, this time as part of the band, The Zimmers, who stormed into the UK Singles Charts […]