Jun 29
Man + Shed = Happiness

Recently British television rebroadcast a series of programs called Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home (#ManMadeHome), featuring the well-known designer, writer, and presenter. Since the late 90s, McCloud has presented the Grand Designs series where every program focuses on the efforts of people (usually a couple) to design and build their own house. Over the years […]

Mar 3
Seligman’s New Well-Being Theory: PERMA

In his forthcoming book, Flourish, Martin Seligman reveals his latest approach to well-being. Readers of his Authentic Happiness (2002), the book which brought Positive Psychology out of the academic closet and into the mainstream, will remember the three pathways to happiness, which were: 1. Positive Emotions  – leading to a pleasurable life 2. Engagement (or […]