Mar 5
Beer and Philosophy: Engagement Japanese Style

In the UK business community there is a growing interest in the topic of employee engagement, sparked by a government-commissioned report in 2009, Engaging for Success: Enhancing Performance through Employee Engagement. In November 2012 the report’s authors, David MacLeod and Nita Clarke, established a group called Engage for Success  (EfS) which describes itself as a “movement […]

Jul 2
Issue 2: The International Journal of Well-Being

Issue 2 of the open access positive psychology journal, the International Journal of Well-Being has just been published. It focuses on ‘felicitators’ or producers of happiness, that is the people, places,  ideas and institutions that have made and can make the world a happier place.  People familiar with pos psych research may find the subjects […]

Mar 26
How Organisations Can Benefit from Applying Positive Psychology

Tal Ben-Shahar, Psychology Lecturer at Harvard University talks about how organisations can use Positive Psychology to improve motivation, creativity and loyalty, and ultimately productivity (2.37 mins). Thanks to …

Feb 3
The positive psychology of social networking

Why Social Media In Enterprises Just Is Some of you might be wondering what the connection is between social media (aka social networking), business and positive psychology. The answer (or at least one of them) as far as I am concerned is performance. Both individiual and organisational performance depend on employee engagement and well-being, both […]

Oct 18
Employee Well-being Forum – October 21st

If you happen to be in London on Wednesday 21st October, the Employee Well-being Forum might be worth a visit. The programme boasts that “at this event you will hear a wealth of best practice case studies offering practical advice to improve wellness strategies and decrease absence and stress in the workplace through the recession”. […]

Oct 3
Financial Costs and Benefits of Focusing on Well-Being at Work

In case you are still sceptical about the benefits of running a well-being programme in your workplace, you’ll be interested to hear that the food giant,  Unilever, has just reported savings of over £300,000 in reduced sickness absence over the past two years as a result of an initiative called ‘Fit Business’ to improve nutrition […]

Aug 22
Developing trust through conversation: beyond small talk

Today I came across a fantastic idea called The Feast of Strangers, an afternoon of organised conversation at Regent’s Park, London, hosted by philosopher, historian and author, Professor Theodore Zeldin. The idea is that you turn up at the Park, get introduced to someone you don’t know, and are given a ‘Menu of Conversation’ – […]

Jul 27
Wellbeing in Schools

Here’s a link to my article on Positive Psychology News Daily this month, about teachers’ wellbeing, and wellbeing in schools generally. As usual, please feel free to add your thoughts and comments here, or on the PPND website. Image: Thanks to Chicago 2016 …

Mar 10
Happiness classes boost productivity

The Australian Daily Telegraph reports today that some enlightened employers are sending their staff to “happiness classes” to overcome the negativity and stress caused by the fear of losing their jobs. Not surprisingly, it works wonders. I’m curious to know why the story is featured in the ‘entertainment’ section though… Image: Peretzpup …

Feb 27
Flourishing and Facebook Friends

The month’s Positive Psychology News Daily article focuses on Positive Psychology and using social networking sites like Facebook. Of course social networking cannot replace real face-to-face human interaction (as Aren Cohen wrote in his comment, a Facebook hug is not the same as real one), however it is a hugely powerful technology for connecting people […]

Jan 26
Positive Psychology and negative change

Recently several of my close friends have lost their jobs or are in the painful process of redundancy consultation with their employers, so my posting on Positive Psychology News Daily this month focuses on what positive psychology can tell us about human reactions to imposed (negative) change. I had to include the good old Change […]

Jan 12
Google’s School of Personal Growth

Google continues to go from strength to strength. It employs around 19,000 people, with annual revenues of $17bn and profits of $5bn.  It has 70% of the search market and 40% of the online advertising market. Not bad going for a 10-year old which started life in a garage in California. Now the company has […]

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