Mar 15
The Benefits of Online Friendship?

When it comes to human relationships and communication, there is frequently an assumption that face-to-face is best. When the Internet first took off, in the mid 90s, there was a concern that computers would make ‘real’ communication more difficult. Even today, the vast majority of computer-mediated communication is text-based, and doesn’t involve the use of […]

Nov 28
Thanksgiving in 21st Century

Most people know that Thanksgiving is celebrated in North America on the 4th Thursday in November (i.e. last Thursday 22nd), and also in Canada in early October. Like our own Harvest Festival in September, this traditional holiday is an opportunity to give thanks for all the things that you have at the conclusion of the […]

May 25
Authentic Networking

Yesterday I went to a fascinating presentation by Microsoft at a Womenintechnology event on Raising your Profile, at which the results of the recent Microsoft / Womenintechnology survey about women’s careers in the technology industry were revealed. Some women who completed the survey felt that a glass ceiling exists in their company; perhaps it’s more […]

Feb 6
To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

I had a phone call Friday morning from Bill Saravinovski, the Mayor of Rockdale, New South Wales (situated on Botany Bay, 12km from Sydney, Australia). I first came across Bill following an interview of him on the BBC website about playing Barry Manilow songs in public to deter groups of youths from congregating and potentially […]