Nov 22
Getting to Grips with the UK’s Well-being

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Aug 26
How the economic crisis affects well-being

In this month’s posting for Positive Psychology News Daily, I reviewed some brand new research from Professor Carol Graham, Soumya Chattopadhyay, and Mario Picon (all from the University of Maryland). Their objective was to better understand the effects of the US economic crisis on well-being and to determine if individuals adapt both to the bad […]

Jul 26
Relationship between money and wellbeing

Another new study (Quoidbach et al, 2010 – see details below) has been published on the topic of money and well-being, specifically, whether being wealthy enough to access the best things in life affects your ability to savour small pleasures. The research suggests that wealthier individuals report lower savoring ability, and even being reminded of […]

Jan 26
Cash to spare? How you spend it affects your happiness

Here’s a link to my January contribution to Positive Psychology New Daily . Research just out suggests that how you spend your money affects your well-being, and that you’d be better off  (psychologically-speaking) by considering experiential purchases rather than material ones.  There are several reasons for this, for example, people tend to make unfavorable comparisons […]

Oct 26
Positive psychology, positive thinking, health and the economy

Here’s a link to a US radio show ‘To the point’, featuring Barbara Ehrenreich, author of  ‘Bright-sided: How the relentless promotion of positive thinking has undermined America‘ and Robert Biswas-Diener, a psychology instructor at Portland State University; they discuss the connections between Positive Psychology, happiness and positive thinking and health and the economy (you need […]

Jul 2
Happiness and Policy

On Monday evening I heard Ed Diener (aka Smiley Professor of Psychology at the University of Illinois) present at the 4th European Conference on Positive Psychology in Croatia on the subject of Well-being on Planet Earth. Leaving aside the fact that Diener works for the Gallup Organisation, he presented some curious findings about the predictors […]

Mar 20
Money can buy you happiness…

…but not in the way you might think. Positive Psychologists are often quoted as saying that after a certain point, more money can’t make you significantly happier, implying that there’s no point in busting a gut to get that next bonus or promotion. This article however reports the findings of a recent study by the […]