Nov 22
Getting to Grips with the UK’s Well-being

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Jun 28
Needs and Subjective Well-Being Across the World

Most people with an interest in psychology have heard of Maslow’s theory of motivation and hierarchy of needs, which suggest that we’re driven to satisfy basic physiological needs (such as for food and shelter) first, then to satisfy our needs for safety, love and belonging, self-esteem and lastly self-actualization. For those interested in positive psychology, […]

Jun 7
Three Simple Rules for Happiness

Here’s my April 2011 posting for Positive Psychology News Daily in it’s entirety this time. Sorry it’s so much later than usual, hopefully you’ve been able to keep uptodate via PPND. This month I look at the implications of new research on happiness, in particular the roles of fit, motivation and effort in becoming happier. […]

Feb 28
Measuring the Nation’s Well-being: Authentic Happiness and Well-being Theory

In this month’s article for Positive Psychology News, I look at the government’s plans to measure the UK’s well-being in 2011, and Martin Seligman’s new Well-being Theory. Stop Press: the Office for National Statistics has now announced the four well-being related questions that will be included in this year’s Integrated Household Survey. They are: • […]

Mar 18
Happy Experiences vs Happy Memories

Daniel Kahneman (Nobel prize winner and Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs Emeritus at the Woodrow Wilson School as well as the Eugene Higgins Professor of Psychology Emeritus at Princeton University) talks about the complexity of happiness and how it is different for the ‘experiencing self’ and the ‘remembering self’. With the aid of a […]

Aug 31
Wealth, Happiness and Life Satisfaction

Here’s my latest article on Positive Psychology News Daily on that age-old subject of wealth and happiness. It seems to have caused a bit of a stir with some readers, judging from the number of comments (32 as of today), although maybe not for the right reasons! Never mind, I’m sure you’ll find the recent […]

Jul 2
Happiness and Policy

On Monday evening I heard Ed Diener (aka Smiley Professor of Psychology at the University of Illinois) present at the 4th European Conference on Positive Psychology in Croatia on the subject of Well-being on Planet Earth. Leaving aside the fact that Diener works for the Gallup Organisation, he presented some curious findings about the predictors […]

Nov 28
The Politics of Happiness

Can Gross National Happiness ever be an accepted substitute for GDP? The Kingdom of Bhutan, a predominantly Buddhist country of approximately 750,000 inhabitants in the Eastern Himalayas, has been measuring Gross National Happiness since the late ’80s. The King, Jigme Singye Wangchuk, was concerned about the sorts of issues affecting countries which focussed only on […]

Nov 13
Economics of Happiness – More or Less

This Radio 4 programme today is a great introduction to the pros and cons of measuring happiness, and whether it’s possible, desirable or indeed useful to do so, with Professor of Economics, Paul Omerod, one of the principals of Volterra Consulting, Lord Richard Layard, Emeritus Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics, and […]

Sep 14
Green and Happy?

You’ll be interested to know that in July, the independent think-tank the New Economics Foundation (NEF) published the European Happy Planet Index of carbon efficiency and well-being in the EU. It reveals that Europe is less carbon-efficient at delivering well-being (measured in terms of the happy, long lives of its citizens) than it was over […]

Sep 12
The Hamburger of Happiness

A simple 2×2 model for understanding Happiness In his recent book ‘Happier‘, Harvard University lecturer Tal Ben-Shahar presents a wonderful model of happiness which he has christened The Hamburger Model. What I really like (apart from the 2×2 format which all MBAs love…) is the simplicity of it. It goes something like this: Junk Food […]

Aug 13
Using Your Strengths in New Ways – 4

In this post we look at new ways of applying 3 more of the VIA character strengths, Perseverance, Vitality and Hope. If you haven’t already done the VIA-IS online strengths test, why not take some time out now to complete it, and when you’ve got your list of top 5 (or signature) strengths, come back […]

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