Nov 22
Getting to Grips with the UK’s Well-being

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Sep 13
Daniel Pink on Motivation: Why PRP Doesn’t Work!

Here’s a great animated video supporting Daniel Pink’s presentation on intrinsic motivation and why profit-related pay (PRP) doesn’t actually motivate people to work harder. According to Pink, psychology research shows that economists have got it all wrong. If you want to motivate and engage people, and get them work harder, they need to experience the […]

Feb 7
Life after Redundancy (2)

Continuing the theme of career and personal change, here’s an excellent book for anyone contemplating the possibility of a new career: Career Detection: Finding and Managing Your Career by Brian McIvor. It covers everything from identifying your transferable skills and benchmarking your expertise to dealing with rejection and creative alternatives to the CV. It’s part […]

Jun 18
Unhappy workers take more sick leave

Gallup-Healthways has recently issued details of their Well-being Index – a survey of over 100,000 Americans which shows that employees who are unhappy at work take, on average, an extra 15 days sick leave a year. Yes, that’s right, an extra 15 days a year. The survey assesses well-being at work by asking employees about […]

Apr 13
Money, Happiness, Time

I really liked this article from Australia’s Herald Sun yesterday, about the relationship between money and happiness. As you’d expect from that part of the world, it gets straight to the point; over a certain amount, money doesn’t make you happier. The article suggests that what people who work hard really want is more time, […]

Feb 14
Which careers provide the least job satisfaction?

In response to Yang-May’s question about which jobs were at the bottom of the happiness and satisfaction league tables, here’s the information according to the American General Social Surveys* (GSS) carried out between 1998 and 2006: The question asked was ‘On the whole, how satisfied are you with the work you do – would you […]

Jan 24
Which careers provide the most job satisfaction?

According to the American General Social Surveys* (GSS) carried out between 1998 and 2006, the top 10 careers which provide the most job satisfaction are as follows: The question asked was ‘On the whole, how satisfied are you with the work you do – would you say you are very satisfied, moderately satisfied, a little […]

Dec 4
Positive Thinking about Positive Psychology

Here’s an interesting article in Personnel Today magazine; just don’t be fooled by the title into thinking it’s about Positive Mental Attitude stuff and boosting your self-confidence by repeating ‘I’m great’ twenty times a day…. It quotes Dr Tim Anstiss as saying “Wellbeing is not just about long walks, jogging and improving your diet, but […]

Oct 7
Positive Psychology at Work

How many of your employees do you think are going to get out of bed tomorrow morning, looking forward to coming to work for you? If you read the Sunday Times last week you’d be forgiven for thinking that you probably need to offer a few more employee benefits. According to this article, positive psychology […]

Aug 8
Now Discover Your Strengths…Then What?

How to Use Your Character Strengths in New Ways – Part 1 Have you completed the VIA-IS online character strengths survey yet? We find it an excellent starting point for coaching conversations since many people are completely unaware of their strengths, so it can be an instant confidence boost, as well as providing insight into […]

Jan 8
Well-being vs well-doing

Maybe it’s the traditional British reserve but whenever I mention that I’m interested in the subject of happiness, people tend to raise their eyebrows and look a little bemused. Very often they say ‘that’s simple, if I had more money I’d be happy’, or at this time of year in particular, ‘if I lost a […]