Jul 26
Relationship between money and wellbeing

Another new study (Quoidbach et al, 2010 – see details below) has been published on the topic of money and well-being, specifically, whether being wealthy enough to access the best things in life affects your ability to savour small pleasures. The research suggests that wealthier individuals report lower savoring ability, and even being reminded of […]

Jun 30
5th European Conference on Positive Psychology, Copenhagen

The 5th European Positive Psychology Conference took place June 23-26 in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ve written three separate reviews, covering eleven Keynotes, invited speakers, and opening and closing presentations. To read the full reviews, take a look at Positive Psychology News Daily:  part 1, part 2 and part 3. Part 1: Keynote 1: Stopping the Insanity: […]

Mar 18
Happy Experiences vs Happy Memories

Daniel Kahneman (Nobel prize winner and Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs Emeritus at the Woodrow Wilson School as well as the Eugene Higgins Professor of Psychology Emeritus at Princeton University) talks about the complexity of happiness and how it is different for the ‘experiencing self’ and the ‘remembering self’. With the aid of a […]

Mar 3
Many Paths to (Un)Happiness

This is a great piece of bittersweet creativity from lizstless. Just click on it once to expand it, then click on the ‘+ all sizes’ link top LHS of the image to make it large enough to read. Thanks to Hearistic for the link. …

Mar 2
FREE Positive Psychology Journal

It’s not often that you get something for nothing, particularly top quality scientific papers. However, you can now download ten Dec 2009 papers from some of the best-known Positive Psychology researchers including Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Ed Diener, Antonella Della Fave and the UK’s Stephen Joseph. See the Table of Contents below. Thanks to Ingrid Brdar for […]

Feb 19
How Coke spreads a little happiness…

Thanks to http://twitter.com/dannyfine for the link …

Feb 1
Science of Happiness – Short Documentary

Here’s a great 25 minute documentary about the science of happiness, featuring Harvard’s Dr Daniel Gilbert (“Stumbling on Happiness”), Dr Angela Clow from the University of Westminster and my favourite,  Newcastle University’s Dr Daniel Nettle (“Happiness – The Science behind your Smile”). Thanks to CoachFu for the link …

Jan 26
Cash to spare? How you spend it affects your happiness

Here’s a link to my January contribution to Positive Psychology New Daily . Research just out suggests that how you spend your money affects your well-being, and that you’d be better off  (psychologically-speaking) by considering experiential purchases rather than material ones.  There are several reasons for this, for example, people tend to make unfavorable comparisons […]

Nov 27
Happiness, Busyness and Holiday Letters

Here’s a link to my post to Positive Psychology News Daily this month, on the subjects of happiness, busyness and holiday letters. Please feel free to add your comments and thoughts here or on the PPND site. Image: sha in LA …

Nov 18
Positive Psychology on BBC Radio 4

Two programmes on BBC Radio 4 featuring the science of Positive Psychology: All in the Mind – Claudia Hammond interviews Professor Martin Seligman about the benefits of optimism, such as living longer and increased resilience. You can learn to be happier, more optimistic and more resilient. Hammond also visited Wellington College in Berkshire where they […]

Oct 26
Positive psychology, positive thinking, health and the economy

Here’s a link to a US radio show ‘To the point’, featuring Barbara Ehrenreich, author of  ‘Bright-sided: How the relentless promotion of positive thinking has undermined America‘ and Robert Biswas-Diener, a psychology instructor at Portland State University; they discuss the connections between Positive Psychology, happiness and positive thinking and health and the economy (you need […]

Oct 18
Employee Well-being Forum – October 21st

If you happen to be in London on Wednesday 21st October, the Employee Well-being Forum might be worth a visit. The programme boasts that “at this event you will hear a wealth of best practice case studies offering practical advice to improve wellness strategies and decrease absence and stress in the workplace through the recession”. […]

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