Jun 29
Man + Shed = Happiness

Recently British television rebroadcast a series of programs called Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home (#ManMadeHome), featuring the well-known designer, writer, and presenter. Since the late 90s, McCloud has presented the Grand Designs series where every program focuses on the efforts of people (usually a couple) to design and build their own house. Over the years […]

Mar 5
Beer and Philosophy: Engagement Japanese Style

In the UK business community there is a growing interest in the topic of employee engagement, sparked by a government-commissioned report in 2009, Engaging for Success: Enhancing Performance through Employee Engagement. In November 2012 the report’s authors, David MacLeod and Nita Clarke, established a group called Engage for Success  (EfS) which describes itself as a “movement […]

Dec 24
Savouring the Festive Spirit

“The aim of life is appreciation.” ~ G. K. Chesterton The holiday season and the New Year period can be a pretty stressful time. We’re inclined to think that everything must be perfect, and that includes the gifts we give, the food we prepare, the warmth of our welcome to guests, what we wear to […]

Sep 13
Daniel Pink on Motivation: Why PRP Doesn’t Work!

Here’s a great animated video supporting Daniel Pink’s presentation on intrinsic motivation and why profit-related pay (PRP) doesn’t actually motivate people to work harder. According to Pink, psychology research shows that economists have got it all wrong. If you want to motivate and engage people, and get them work harder, they need to experience the […]

Jun 30
5th European Conference on Positive Psychology, Copenhagen

The 5th European Positive Psychology Conference took place June 23-26 in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ve written three separate reviews, covering eleven Keynotes, invited speakers, and opening and closing presentations. To read the full reviews, take a look at Positive Psychology News Daily:  part 1, part 2 and part 3. Part 1: Keynote 1: Stopping the Insanity: […]

Feb 3
The positive psychology of social networking

Why Social Media In Enterprises Just Is Some of you might be wondering what the connection is between social media (aka social networking), business and positive psychology. The answer (or at least one of them) as far as I am concerned is performance. Both individiual and organisational performance depend on employee engagement and well-being, both […]

Mar 26
Emotions at Work

Here’s a link to my posting to Positive Psychology News Daily this month, in which I discuss ways of applying Fredrickson’s “Broaden and Build” theory of positive emotions in ways that organisations will find acceptable, as well as useful. Your comments and thoughts are welcome here, and on the PPND website. Image: Thanks to Joe […]

Mar 15
The Benefits of Online Friendship?

When it comes to human relationships and communication, there is frequently an assumption that face-to-face is best. When the Internet first took off, in the mid 90s, there was a concern that computers would make ‘real’ communication more difficult. Even today, the vast majority of computer-mediated communication is text-based, and doesn’t involve the use of […]

Mar 8
Is Yours a Psychologically Healthy Workplace?

The American Psychological Association has just announced the five winners of its 2009 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards. The statistics quoted are interesting: Their average turnover rate is 11% vs 39% nationally 85% of their employees reported being satisfied with their jobs vs 61% nationally 87% of their employees said they would recommend their organizations to […]

Feb 27
Flourishing and Facebook Friends

The month’s Positive Psychology News Daily article focuses on Positive Psychology and using social networking sites like Facebook. Of course social networking cannot replace real face-to-face human interaction (as Aren Cohen wrote in his comment, a Facebook hug is not the same as real one), however it is a hugely powerful technology for connecting people […]