Nov 2
Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach well-being…?

My latest article for Positive Psychology News Daily is a review of a new Positive Psychology-based book by ed psych and consultant Sue Roffey, called Changing Behaviour in Schools: Promoting Positive Relationships and Well-being. One of the great strengths of this book is its breadth, not just in terms of aims but also its evidence […]

Mar 26
Emotions at Work

Here’s a link to my posting to Positive Psychology News Daily this month, in which I discuss ways of applying Fredrickson’s “Broaden and Build” theory of positive emotions in ways that organisations will find acceptable, as well as useful. Your comments and thoughts are welcome here, and on the PPND website. Image: Thanks to Joe […]

Sep 20
Seligman at Positive Psychology Conference 8th Nov

You’ll be delighted to know that Martin Seligman is the keynote speaker at UEL’s one day Positive Psychology Conference on Thursday 8th November. Also speaking are Dr Susan David, an Emotional Intelligence expert, Dr Alex Linley, founder and Director of the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology, Dr Gurnek Bains, CEO of corporate psychology consultancy YSC […]

Sep 10
Emotional Intelligence – Myth or Reality?

There is increasing media coverage of the government’s plans to introduce lessons in emotional intelligence (EI) in schools in England, not all of it positive. Some argue that this initiative is needed to create a healthy balance after years of focusing on targets, league tables and standardised testing brought about by the introduction of the […]

Sep 4
Emotional Intelligence in Schools

How the next generation will be better prepared for the challenges of the workplace. The Times today reported that “lessons in happiness, well-being and good manners are to be introduced in all state secondary schools”. It’s unfortunate that the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) programme is being labelled in this way by the […]

Jul 7
EI – Emotional Intelligence At Work

Five key things to understand about workplace Emotional Intelligence (EI – defined by psychologist Dr Susan David of Yale and Melbourne universities as “the ability to solve problems with and about emotions effectively”): 1. Emotions are resources – so treat them as data; whether positive or negative the purpose of emotions is to tell you […]