Aug 2
The Science of Happiness – Tal Ben-Shahar

Last night I joined around 500 other people in the Camden Centre in London to hear a talk on The Science of Happiness by Dr Tal Ben-Shahar, organized by the UK’s leading happiness movement, Action for Happiness. As well as authoring several books, Tal Ben-Shahar lectured on positive psychology at Harvard University – in fact, […]

Jun 8
The need for Positive Psychology in Education

Creativity expert, Sir Ken Robinson, talks about the need for revolution in the education system. “Very many people go through their whole lives having no real sense of what their talents may be, or if they have any to speak of. I meet all kinds of people who don’t think they’re really good at anything”, […]

Mar 26
How Organisations Can Benefit from Applying Positive Psychology

Tal Ben-Shahar, Psychology Lecturer at Harvard University talks about how organisations can use Positive Psychology to improve motivation, creativity and loyalty, and ultimately productivity (2.37 mins). Thanks to …

Mar 3
Many Paths to (Un)Happiness

This is a great piece of bittersweet creativity from lizstless. Just click on it once to expand it, then click on the ‘+ all sizes’ link top LHS of the image to make it large enough to read. Thanks to Hearistic for the link. …

Dec 8
Changing behaviour using Fun Theory

Can you change people’s behaviour for the better by making tasks more enjoyable? Car manufacturer Volkswagen seems to think so – they’ve been running a competition looking for new designs or inventions which prove the ‘Fun Theory‘, i.e. that having fun is the easiest way to get people to do the right thing. Examples include  […]

Mar 5
How Positive Psychology Can Boost Your Business

Here’s a great article on the value of Positive Psychology to business, covering all the basics from the benefits of positive emotions (e.g enhancing creativity and problem-solving) to hiring people on their strengths not their CVs. Plus it mentions the work of two of my Positive Psychology News Daily colleagues, David J Pollay and Senia […]

Feb 9
Positive Psychology Songs

I’ve been reading a lot about Twitter over the past 12 months or so, and have finally succumbed. A simple search of Pos Psych today unearthed plenty of old stuff about Seligman, using strengths and stuff like that, and then I came across this list of Pos Psych songs by Dr John Schinnerer. Not sure […]

Feb 5
Think Fast, Think Happy?

This article from the Scientific American journal highlights new research from Harvard and Princeton Universities which suggests that speeding up your thinking can improve your wellbeing. Quick-fire problem solving (such as brainstorming as many ideas as possible in 10 minutes, or sprinting through an easy crossword) or watching an “I Love Lucy” video clip on […]

Jan 24
Which careers provide the most job satisfaction?

According to the American General Social Surveys* (GSS) carried out between 1998 and 2006, the top 10 careers which provide the most job satisfaction are as follows: The question asked was ‘On the whole, how satisfied are you with the work you do – would you say you are very satisfied, moderately satisfied, a little […]

Jan 1
Poetry in the Boardroom

A few weeks ago I wrote about the role of Leadership, Positive Psychology and Creativity. Here’s some more “Boardroom Poetry”, this time from Ralph Windle, a.k.a. Bertie Ramsbottom. I particularly liked the boardroom ballad called ‘The Business Consultant‘ and his profile of Sir John Harvey-Jones**, ‘Born Again‘. Plus it was a joy to re-read Betjeman’s […]