Dec 15
Leadership: The Role of Positive Psychology and Creativity

In our MAPP class today we were fortunate enough to have Mark Templeton, O2s Director of Organisation Development, present to us on the positive psychology approach to leadership development that he has implemented with great success over the past year. One thing that really intrigued me was the mention of David Whyte, a.k.a the “Corporate […]

Jul 10
Visualisation and Creative Thinking in Business

100 ways to use visualisation and creative thinking to identify, explore and resolve business issues, presented in a brilliant Periodic Table format. This is a must for anyone looking for new ways to communicate visually – whether its data, concepts, strategy or metaphors that you want to illustrate. This is a fantastic tool – if […]

Feb 8
Stuck in a rut? Questions to ask to help you get out…

Last night I went to an Open University Business School South Coast Alumni Network event – a presentation by Curly Martin , one of the UK’s leading life coaches. She was energetic, passionate and persuasive about the benefits of life coaching both for the client / coachee and for those in the audience who might […]

Feb 6
To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

I had a phone call Friday morning from Bill Saravinovski, the Mayor of Rockdale, New South Wales (situated on Botany Bay, 12km from Sydney, Australia). I first came across Bill following an interview of him on the BBC website about playing Barry Manilow songs in public to deter groups of youths from congregating and potentially […]