Mar 19
The Cost of Ill-health and Happiness

The cost of ill-health to the British economy is a staggering £103 billion a year according to a recent report from Professor Dame Carol Black, National Director for Health and Work. This article from today’s spiked suggests that the government’s attempts to get the unemployed back to work by e.g. re-branding “Incapacity Benefit” as “Employment […]

May 27
Positive Ageing

…pure inspiration… One of our March blogs looked at the subject of legacy and making a contribution ; we featured the fabulous Peter, aka Geriatric1927 , who posts his own unique videoblogs on Youtube. Well, he’s popped up again, this time as part of the band, The Zimmers, who stormed into the UK Singles Charts […]

Mar 13
More on Your Legacy and Your Contribution

The other day I came across the most fantastic video-blogger on Youtube:  a 79 year old called Peter, aka Geriatric1927 . You must listen to this interview with him on the World Service , which is also posted on Youtube. Musing on the fact that what started out as a bit of fun has turned […]

Mar 8
Counting your blessings and Writing Wrongs: how to increase your well-being

When Jenny and I were completing our Certified NLP Practitioner’s course, one of the exercises we were required to do was to write a Daily Journal. Part of the Daily Journal focussed on confirming 3 outcomes for the following day, the other part focussed on reviewing the past 24 hours, identifying the best bits and […]