Jun 28
Positive Psychology Coaching and Flow

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend a Performance Coaching Masterclass with Myles Downey, organised by the Academy of Executive Coaching in London. Downey founded the School of Coaching in 1997 and has recently acquired 100% ownership. His book, Effective Coaching: Lessons from the Coach’s Coach, has been in my Top 3 since I started […]

Jun 20
Emotional Well Being

A new campaign,Growing Strong, has been launched by the children’s charity NCH to raise awareness of the importance of children and young people’s emotional well-being to their ability to improve relative life chances and fulfill their potential. In NCH’s survey of over 2000 adults in the UK, 6 out of 10 said emotional well-being (having […]

Apr 26

The other day I received the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s enewsletter, and was pleasantly surprised to see NLP mentioned . Many business people, and HR staff in particular, that we have met in the last few years have been pretty dismissive of the benefits of NLP, that’s if they have heard of it […]

Mar 13
More on Your Legacy and Your Contribution

The other day I came across the most fantastic video-blogger on Youtube:  a 79 year old called Peter, aka Geriatric1927 . You must listen to this interview with him on the World Service , which is also posted on Youtube. Musing on the fact that what started out as a bit of fun has turned […]

Mar 8
Counting your blessings and Writing Wrongs: how to increase your well-being

When Jenny and I were completing our Certified NLP Practitioner’s course, one of the exercises we were required to do was to write a Daily Journal. Part of the Daily Journal focussed on confirming 3 outcomes for the following day, the other part focussed on reviewing the past 24 hours, identifying the best bits and […]

Mar 8
Your Legacy

I was reading Professor Chris Peterson’s ‘A Primer in Positive Psychology’ book last night – this was light relief after many nights of trying to get to grips with the terminology in the academic papers for my MSc in Applied Positive Psychology – anyway, he outlined a well known personal development technique called ˜Your Legacy”. […]

Feb 21
More on Comfort Zones

As I was doing some research on the web today I came across a coaching website which had this unusual strapline: “Step inside your comfort zone  –  there are no prizes for being uncomfortable”. Hmmmm…..It’s well known in the world of personal development and coaching that if you want to grow and develop, you have […]

Feb 8
Stuck in a rut? Questions to ask to help you get out…

Last night I went to an Open University Business School South Coast Alumni Network event – a presentation by Curly Martin , one of the UK’s leading life coaches. She was energetic, passionate and persuasive about the benefits of life coaching both for the client / coachee and for those in the audience who might […]

Feb 2
January Retrospective: More on Achieving Those Goals

Bet you thought Jenny and I were so busy elsewhere that we’d forget to come back to you on the subject of Achieving Your Goals – no chance! after a few minor diversions including Jenny getting her cat seen to and me organising Hugo’s 5th birthday party, (not to mention the proper work in between […]

Jan 1
Out with the Old, In with the New

Last year, I experienced a particularly unique and simple approach to goal setting. I’d like to share it with you: 1. On a piece of paper write 3 statements about your experience of 2006: Both Good 🙂 or Bad 🙁 2. Once you have digested these statements, take note of your over-riding thoughts or emotions […]

Dec 12
Comfort zones

I caught part of The Choir (BBC2 9pm) on Monday night (11/12/06) – in a nutshell, 160-odd kids from Northolt High School (total roll about 1300) in West London audition to join The Phoenix Choir, to enter an international choral competition, the World Choir Games which will take place in China. Like many choirs, the […]

Dec 6
Visualizing your goals

Of course I’m an avid supporter of the Open University – I did my MBA at their Business School in the late 90’s and have worked closely with them ever since. So I was delighted to read in the Independent yesterday (5 Dec 2006) that they are partnering the Trades Union Congress to provide a […]

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