Jun 7
Three Simple Rules for Happiness

Here’s my April 2011 posting for Positive Psychology News Daily in it’s entirety this time. Sorry it’s so much later than usual, hopefully you’ve been able to keep uptodate via PPND. This month I look at the implications of new research on happiness, in particular the roles of fit, motivation and effort in becoming happier. […]

Jun 7
Men’s and women’s smiles do not mean the same thing

Here’s my March 2011 article for Positive Psychology News Daily, in it’s entirety – sorry that it’s so late! This month focuses on new research behind the meaning of smiling, and in particular, the intriguing differences between men’s and women’s smiles. I don’t know what it is about March but for me it’s such an […]

Mar 3
Seligman’s New Well-Being Theory: PERMA

In his forthcoming book, Flourish, Martin Seligman reveals his latest approach to well-being. Readers of his Authentic Happiness (2002), the book which brought Positive Psychology out of the academic closet and into the mainstream, will remember the three pathways to happiness, which were: 1. Positive Emotions  – leading to a pleasurable life 2. Engagement (or […]

May 31
Martin Seligman: The Power of a Positive Thinker

“His goal is to advance the well-being of the world – one sector at a time”. An interesting (and revealing) article from Stacey Burling at The Philadelphia Inquirer on Professor Martin Seligman, often quoted as the founding father of Positive Psychology. Image courtesy of the US Army …

Nov 27
Happiness, Busyness and Holiday Letters

Here’s a link to my post to Positive Psychology News Daily this month, on the subjects of happiness, busyness and holiday letters. Please feel free to add your comments and thoughts here or on the PPND site. Image: sha in LA …

Nov 9
Positive Psychology Conference – UEL

The times they are a-changin’Yesterday many of my co-students and I attended the first “Positive Psychology: Well-Being and Business” Conference hosted by the University of East London – where we are almost half-way through our Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (the first programme of its kind outside of the US). The lecture theatre was full, […]

May 9
Identify Your Strengths 1

Since our last blog on Strengths-based Management, several people have asked how to identify what their strengths are; there are a couple of easy-to-use questionnaires, the first is the Values in Action Inventory of Strengths (VIA – IS) . Before you start, just a word of caution. As with all assessments of this kind, we […]