Jan 26
Cash to spare? How you spend it affects your happiness

Here’s a link to my January contribution to Positive Psychology New Daily . Research just out suggests that how you spend your money affects your well-being, and that you’d be better off  (psychologically-speaking) by considering experiential purchases rather than material ones.  There are several reasons for this, for example, people tend to make unfavorable comparisons […]

Oct 26
Positive Psychology and the Credit Crunch

In my October Positive Psychology News Daily posting, I look at the application of positive psychology in today’s economic climate. It’s not as if British people like discussing emotions at the best of times, so it’s no wonder they don’t like talking about ‘happiness” when the world (the financial one at least) appears to be […]

Jan 24
Glittering Prize

Did you read the articles on Happiness in the Independent on Sunday ? Fascinating stuff. I loved Happy Now? by William Leith, the whole ‘Christmas = consumerism gone mad = cause and effect of unhappiness’ argument is very persuasive. How many people do you know who really did have a fantastic Christmas holiday, full of […]