How to be Happier in One Week – Essentials Magazine Sept 2013

I’m thrilled to see an article by accomplished journalist Mel Hunter in Essentials Magazine this month, focussing on how to become more optimistic in one week. Mel’s been interested in Positive Psychology for some time and she decided to try this as a personal experiment  following several discussions with me about the efficacy of positive psychology tools to boost your mood and help you see life’s challenges more as opportunities which you can deal with than as problems which you can’t.

I’m delighted to say that the techniques I asked her to try, including keeping a simple gratitude journal, enjoying the here and now, and savouring life’s pleasures worked for her. Now Mel was a self-confessed pessimist, so if her glass can look more half-full than half-empty after a week, so can yours. Yes it takes effort, but you’ve got nothing to lose. Why not give it a go?

Just click on the images below to read a full page version of the article.


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