Financial Costs and Benefits of Focusing on Well-Being at Work


In case you are still sceptical about the benefits of running a well-being programme in your workplace, you’ll be interested to hear that the food giant,  Unilever, has just reported savings of over £300,000 in reduced sickness absence over the past two years as a result of an initiative called ‘Fit Business’ to improve nutrition and fitness of their employees.

The programme, which apparently cost £35k to pilot, focused on checking blood pressure and cholesterol levels, encouraging staff to check the health of their hearts with a ‘heart age’ calculator and on labelling the fat, salt and calorie content of food in the canteen.

Since one of Unilever’s most well-known brands is the sunflower oil based Flora, which claims to be good for your heart,  it’s good to see that they are putting their money where their mouth is.

You can calculate the age of your heart on the Flora Heart Age website – it’s easy to use, although it’s helpful to know your vital statistics including waist size and cholesterol  level. Some suggestions are provided for lowering the age of your heart – don’t be surprised that one of these includes using Flora Proactiv.

BTW if you want to know more about the meaning behind Unilever’s logo, click here.

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  1. Yang-May Ooi Says:

    Hi Bridget – I went and checked out the heart age calculator and found that my heart age is the same as my actual age. Hmm, I was hoping to be younger! It looks like the trick is to lose some weight…

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