Is Yours a Psychologically Healthy Workplace?

The American Psychological Association has just announced the five winners of its 2009 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards. The statistics quoted are interesting:

  • Their average turnover rate is 11% vs 39% nationally
  • 85% of their employees reported being satisfied with their jobs vs 61% nationally
  • 87% of their employees said they would recommend their organizations to others as a good place to work, vs 44% nationally
  • Only 5% their employees intend to seek employment elsewhere within the next year, vs 32% nationally
  • Only 25%  of their employees reported experiencing chronic work stress vs 39% nationally.

What surprised me somewhat was the last statistic – only 25%? And that’s a good place to work? I wonder whether the 2010 winners’ average will be higher or lower. We’ll have had over a year of Full-blown Economic Crisis by then. On the other hand, it’s also just been reported in the Wall Street Journal that people are more satisfied with their jobs than last year and less likely to complain (they’re grateful that at least they have a job).

The five award-winning organisations run programmes aimed at improving their employees’ involvement and recognition as well as their personal growth and development, and work-life balance. No wonder 91% of them say they care about the organisation they work for.

I wonder what the latest stats are for the UK, and whether they’re following the same trends…

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