The Benefit of Saying Thank You

DSC02050Have you written your thank-you letters for all the gifts you received this Christmas?

You might be interested to know that there’s been a great deal of research into the benefits of gratitude; grateful people, for example, report higher levels of life satisfaction, vitality, optimism and positive emotions, as well as lower levels of depression and stress*. I’ve talked about gratitude in several postings before, covered new ways of expressing gratitude, and looked specifically at Peterson’s 10 minute exercise to increase your well-being by identifying the things you’re thankful for.

This 30 minute BBC Radio 4 programme today explores the subject both for those people expressing their thanks, and for the people being thanked. It’s well worth listening to for some real-life insight into the research.

* McCullough, Emmons & Tsang (2002)

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