Poetry in the Boardroom

A few weeks ago I wrote about the role of Leadership, Positive Psychology and Creativity. Here’s some more “Boardroom Poetry”, this time from Ralph Windle, a.k.a. Bertie Ramsbottom. I particularly liked the boardroom ballad called ‘The Business Consultant‘ and his profile of Sir John Harvey-Jones**, ‘Born Again‘. Plus it was a joy to re-read Betjeman’s A Subaltern’s Love Song* which it parodies.

* Incidentally, while I was googling Betjeman, I came across many other spoofs, this one celebrating York University’s 40th Anniversary in 2003.

** 11/01/08 Sadly now the late Sir John Harvey-Jones. It’d be interesting to revisit his Troubleshooter TV series from the 90s, to see what became of the companies who were brave enough to call him in…..

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