Positive Thinking about Positive Psychology

Here’s an interesting article in Personnel Today magazine; just don’t be fooled by the title into thinking it’s about Positive Mental Attitude stuff and boosting your self-confidence by repeating ‘I’m great’ twenty times a day….

It quotes Dr Tim Anstiss as saying “Wellbeing is not just about long walks, jogging and improving your diet, but about flourishing, discovering and using your strengths, and reaching your potential as a human being.” Here, here. As a medical doctor with a masters degree in sports medicine and a post-graduate diploma in occupational medicine, Anstiss knows all about the benefits of exercise and nutrition. And we’ve been saying for some time now that companies which think they’re got their well-being strategy sorted just because they provide salads in the canteen and issue free pedometers are missing the most important point; positive psychology is about way more than how much exercise you take and what you eat.

Anstiss presented to our UEL MAPP class a month or so ago on one of the projects he’s working on, which is using a positive psychology approach to get the long-term unemployed back into work. I think that shows it’s got credibility, don’t you?

What’s important to make clear from the start though is that in order to be of benefit to business, just like change management positive psychology has to be taken up and championed by leaders and managers outside of the HR department.

Empirical research shows that positive psychology really does present the opportunity of creating more resilient, engaged and productive employees. In a world where change is the only constant, which company could afford to turn their nose up at that?

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