More on Comfort Zones

As I was doing some research on the web today I came across a coaching website which had this unusual strapline:

“Step inside your comfort zone  –  there are no prizes for being uncomfortable”.

Hmmmm…..It’s well known in the world of personal development and coaching that if you want to grow and develop, you have to take small steps outside your comfort zone from time to time. By doing this you expand your capabilities and come to the realisation that, yes, actually, you can achieve more than you have done in the past. You need not be bound by your limiting beliefs.

In our coaching we see far greater results from those people who do stretch themselves out of their comfort zones. Coaching gives you the time and space to reflect, to learn, it increases your self-awareness, and gives you the confidence and support to take positive action that you would never have dreamed of doing before.

For a coach to claim that it’s fine to stay where you’re comfortable seems to me to be quite crazy…On the other hand, perhaps I’m just taking it all too seriously…

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