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Positive Psychology Masterclasses

Part 1 & Part 2

A series of 2-day workshops in the science of happiness, strengths and well-being, which are suitable both for personal development and for practitioners wanting to incorporate Positive Psychology into their professional repertoire. Learn how to flourish with Positive Psychology tools for your personal and professional life. Designed for those who would like to experience what positive psychology is about, add to their skills and for those contemplating training in the field. What you will gain:

  • An in-depth understanding of the principles of Positive Psychology, based on the latest scientific research
  • Experience of the key evidence-based Positive Psychology techniques
  • Knowledge of  how to incorporate Positive Psychology practices into your personal and professional life

“The Positive Psychology Masterclass is the creation of two of UEL’s outstanding MAPP graduates, who are successfully applying positive psychology in the UK. It’s a great introduction to positive psychology, whether you’re considering joining us on the UEL MAPP programme, adding to your professional skills and knowledge, or simply want to flourish.” Dr Ilona Boniwell,  Associate Professor and Founder, Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, University of East London

Venue: Bristol, UK Dates: Thurs 23rd & Fri 24th March 2017

Investment: £575 + vat. This includes a hot/cold lunch on both days, refreshments throughout and all course materials.

March 2017 Early Bird / Concessionary Rate (booked & paid for by BACS by Friday 24th Feb 2017): £395 + vat. Contact Bridget[at] if booking the Early Bird / Concessionary rate.

Recommendations from Participants of the Positive Psychology Masterclass:

Part 1:

“I would recommend the masterclass for its strong balance between theory and practice of Positive Psychology. An engaging time which provides time to think and reflect”  Managing Director, Financial Services, London

“A wonderful opportunity to enhance your coaching practice and take some time out for yourself and your personal and professional development” Communication and Training Officer, University of Manchester

“I would highly recommend the Masterclass. It was full of discussion, reflection and tools for personal and professional practice” Executive Coach & Communication Skills Specialist

“I really enjoyed the two days.  I now have loads of ideas about how to develop myself and others. It was refreshing to be with likeminded people”  RFL Director

This is a great course to learn the ins and outs of Positive Psychology. Very professionally delivered and facilitated” Clinical Psychologist

“The material was presented very well and the facilitators knowledge of the subject was excellent. I think that the Masterclass was well worth it and I would whole-heartedly recommend it”

< “I gained a broader understanding of positive psychology and identified some areas of improvement in myself.  Very professional and thorough, good range of information and well-researched. Clearly knew their stuff. Provides a good overview for this looking for an introduction to Positive Psychology”

“I’d highly recommend this course for anyone interested in an introduction to Positive Psychology and its application”
“It brought together many aspects of previous learning, tools and ideas with a different perspective & evidence-based”

“As someone who has had an interest in positive psychology, this course really helped reinforce the knowledge and assist in embedding the practices in everyday life” Leadership L&D Professional, Manchester

This is an excellent Masterclass which gives a thorough insight into the principles of Positive Psychology” L&D Professional & Executive Coach, Herts

“I recommend this 100%. A fantastic, insightful and energising Masterclass that is bound to leave you feeling much more positive about yourself and with the tools and knowledge to cope with whatever life throws at you. Excellent facilitators – I felt comfortable sharing things and I have learnt so much. Thank you Bridget and Miriam– I feel inspired’.   Graduate, Herts

“The Masterclass would be useful for anyone looking to live a more fulfilling life, both personally and professionally”  “This has been a very enjoyable 2 days, well worth attending” Probation Officer, Worcs

” A really excellent synopsis of Positive Psychology. I really enjoyed the mix of theory and practical exercises”. Personal Coach, London

“I would very much recommend this workshop. I am going away with many techniques to practise and develop to improve my well-being”

“Just go – don’t think about it, say yes and you won’t regret it!” 

” Yes! Yes! Yes! Very thought-provoking, lots of tips, loved the practical work. Felt very secure. The content was extremely interesting” Community Builder, Glos

“You would benefit from this course as it gives you great insight into who you are personally and professionally” Community Support & Engagement Manager, Glos

“It was a fantastic way to spend 2 days – insightful, enjoyable and positive!” Business Coach, London

“Bridget and Miriam are two excellent, motivational practitioners who clearly practise what they preach.” Personal & Confidence Coach, Birmingham

” An excellent overview of the field giving the key ideas and activities – a really brilliant introduction by two excellent speakers” PhD student, QMUL

“Very good – the presenters covered everything and had extensive knowledge about related topics” Psychology Graduate, University of Sussex

. “The Masterclass was excellent in building my knowledge and understanding of Positive Psychology and the evidence-base supporting it. I found it invaluable, both in terms of my own personal development, as well as application for my coaching work” Executive Coach, Yorkshire

“Absolutely brilliant course. The trainers provided us with an abundance of knowledge as well as practical tools to take away and use in my personal and professional life” Career Coach, West Midlands

“The Positive Psychology Masterclass is very inspiring and has applications in everyday life both personal and professional. Just do it! You won’t look back” NHS Administrator, Severn Deanery

“It has helped me to recognise how to manage my behaviours and appreciate others’ ways of working, as well as understand why individuals are positive or negative. It gave me a great boost towards being more optimistic” NHS Administrator, Severn Deanery

“I would recommend this course for anyone looking for personal development. It’s an excellent course. You’ll learn how positivity, growth mindset and well-being can benefit your life”

“A wonderful enhancement to anyone’s life, both work and personal. The Positive Psychology Masterclass gives you a toolkit which can be used in everyday life with proven results” Executive Coach, Bristol

“Probably the best self-development course I have attended. Fantastic, happy teachers – very good teaching style, very natural and superb subject knowledge.” Charity Director, Manchester

“Enables you to truly connect with the material and elements of Positive Psychology in a way that you can use with others and yourself” Executive Coach & NHS Non-Exec Director, Sheffield

“This was an inspiring and enlightening course, the learning from which will help transform both my personal and professional life.” Mental Health Nurse, Birmingham

“If you’re interested in human beings thriving, this course will get you further, faster from whatever starting point and to whatever goal – excellent value.” Development Trainer, London

“As a practising coach, facilitator and trainer well versed in psychology I learned an enormous amount. Excellent workshop which brought me fully up to speed with the latest research and thinking in positive psychology. And as importantly how to apply it! Thank you so much” Coach/Trainer, Hants

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Masterclass. I found it very comprehensive, engaging and insightful. It was inspiring on a personal level and thoroughly educational. It was an affirmation for me that I’m on the right track” Manager, Berks

” An excellent introduction to the ideas and practices of Positive Psychology which leaves you feeling better as well as more knowledgeable… ” Counsellor & Therapist, Dorset

“This course is life changing, It gives you the tools to change not only for your own work or home life, but a variety of tools to help others change theirs – what generosity! It walks the happiness talk”. Sustainability Consultant, Bristol

“The masterclass was great: informative, stimulating with space to discuss and explore. I’d definitely recommend it”. Executive Coach, Birmingham

“I fully recommend these 2 days – I came away with new ideas and interventions to help more clients along their journeys of life. I feel more equipped and positive about my career and personal life’s direction” NHS Manager, Sheffield

“A stimulating and enjoyable two days that provides plenty of tools and resources to take away to use in personal development or coaching/counselling. Miriam and Bridget are very knowledgeable and present in a clear and engaging manner” Coach, Chepstow

“The Masterclass was a high quality event and one of the most inspiring, relevant and helpful courses I’ve attended. It was has opened up a fascinating box of goodies that I can confidently incorporate into my work and indeed my life.”

“Packed to the brim with ideas, interventions and theory that kept me riveted and buzzing. I went home after 2 days of training feeling happy , affirmed and full of information and interventions. I use it every day both at work with my 1-1 client work and at home.”

“Completely met my objectives – I was hoping for a life changing experience, and got it. Thank you.”

“I felt totally in safe hands – clear, thought-provoking, gentle and inspiring”

“Practical exercises and concrete information… this Masterclass was full of useful stuff….The material was presented well and the knowledge was excellent”

“I loved the Visualising the Ideal Self… and now have a lovely life map as a result… I also felt elevated and optimistic….Excellent balance between information and exercises”

“My objectives were all met and in some cases exceeded expectations…Materials were very good and knowledge outstanding.”

“…a perfect balance of personal insight and academic knowledge. Miriam and Bridget complemented each other well and seemed to guide us effortlessly through the enormous amount of material they were presenting. I am sure that whether they were after an alternative personal enlightenment or wanting to enter the academic world of Positive Psychology there are few people who would not benefit end enjoy these two days.”

“It was a wonderful 2 days of learning, sharing and being.  A feast for my mind and heart, both personally and professionally…  You are both truly inspiring women, and the course, content and approach worked beautifully.”

“Met all objectives in reviewing positive psychology principles and applications… Excellent presentation and clarity of materials”

“Perfect! Thank you!”


Part 2:

“I would strongly recommend this programme to anyone wanting to explore the theory and practical application of positive psychology. The trainers are excellent, accessible, knowledgeable and kind. Thank you!’ (Consultant & Exec Coach, Liverpool)

“I found the Masterclass both inspiring and a catalyst for me moving forward with my coaching career goals and aspirations for learning more on PP. I am leaving the class feeling motivated to continue to research and read PP material to see how it can weave into my coaching practice in the future.” (Emotional Intelligence Coach, Gloucester)

“I would recommend the PP Masterclass Part 2 to extend the learning onto a new level with tools and reading for personal practice and to work in coaching and the development of others” (Development Officer, University of Manchester)

“The Positive Psychology Masterclass Part 2 is an excellent follow on from  Part 1 giving a great summary and providing new research, techniques and tools to take away.” L&D Director, London

“Energising and inspiring. A great opportunity to dig into the principles in more depth and be inspired by like-minded individuals. Collaborative, energising and thought-provoking. Lots of practical tips and tools for application”

“Great way of integrating the theory of Positive Psychology and finding ways of putting it into practice in whatever field of work you are in”
“Very useful, helpful and informative presentation of skills, theory and techniques” Clinical Psychologist

“For anyone interested in Positive Psychology this is a very in-depth and insightful course. There are lots of ideas on theory and application. Bridget & Miriam really live this subject”. PG Psychotherapist, London

“I highly recommend the part 2 Positive Psychology Masterclass for a comprehensive and practical understanding of Positive Psychology in the workplace and for one’s personal life. I would highly recommend PPM2 – revealing and thought-provoking. A journey of self-discovery”. Community Builder, Glos

“This masterclass builds well on Part 1 of the Positive Psychology Masterclass – well worth attending.  Probation Officer, Worcestershire The Part 2 Masterclass is two days well spent. With Parts 1 & 2 under your belt you can make a profound difference to your practice”. IT Company Director, Glos.

 “This course has helped me to understand where I am working at my best and given an opportunity to reflect on how I can use my strengths for positive action for myself and others”.

“Take 2 days out of your life and put 2 tonnes of awareness into it. Then  go and use it”

 “My feelings after 2 intensive, well-structured and fun days”. Executive Coach, Mentor & Facilitator, West Midlands

“A deeper insight into the world of positive psychology, bringing new tools into the equation. Part 2 of the Positive Psychology Masterclass solidified and built on the knowledge from part 1 and gave the opportunity to learn practical exercises that could be use d for both personal and corporate development”. Finance Professional & Coach, Chester

“The Masterclass provides an opportunity to reflect on practice and consider how the highly relevant and accessible subject matter can be applied in a practical manner that benefits practitioner and client”.  Executive Coach, Trainer & Mentor, West Midlands

“As a facilitator and trainer myself I’ve felt awed by Bridget and Miriam’s passion for their subject and their ability to communicate. It’s been a pleasure to participate” Coach, Trainer & Facilitator, Herts

“Vital for growing your coaching practice” Coach & Mediator, Slovenia “This is my 2nd Positive Psychology Masterclass I’ve attended and it has been wonderful as always. Lifechanging in many ways and will develop and improve your knowledge and understanding of applied positive psychology and how you can embed it into your life and work. Wonderful!’ Teacher, Liverpool

“The Advanced Positive Psychology Masterclass is a brilliant 2 days for people who want to develop their knowledge and plan how to use PP in their work.”  Ed Psych & Coach

“Really well constructed with good range, span and breadth of materials done with warmth, presence, great skill and professionalism. These are two trainers absolutely on top of the topics, research and applications of positive psychology…For those interested in taking the next step in their journey in positive psychology this is the right programme – insightful, learned, rigorous useful and deeply applicable in our work when we leave”. Coach/Trainer, Hants

“Really excellent. So well thought through, presented and realised. A great compliment to the Part 1 course….This is two days packed with practical ideas on how to use positive psychology in work and life in general. This work is pioneering, important and will have great significance”. University Manager, Plymouth

“I would recommend the Positive Psychology Masterclass – A positive and practical experience. Lots of learning and you leave happier and ready for a brighter future”.  Mental Health Practitioner

“I was so impressed by the quality and content…I would absolutely recommend the Positive Psychology Masterclass…very inspiring”  Executive Coach, Coventry

“I really enjoyed this – love the toolkit and got good ideas both for work and for personal development…  I said last time that I really enjoyed your complementary styles – it works very well. Such wonderful people attend so lots to learn from them too….I will certainly endorse it fully”

“Fantastic overview of key positive psychology concepts and insight into some very useful tools.”

“Brilliant! Good balance of presentation material and activities.  Expands your thinking and gives loads of ideas to take away and build into your work, life and relationships.”

Positive Psychology Masterclass Part 1: Foundations of Positive Psychology

This two day  foundation Masterclass introduces you to the key principles and evidence-based techniques in positive psychology giving you a thorough grounding in the foundations of the science. In this highly engaging and practical course you will learn how to apply positive psychology to increase your personal well-being and how to use it with others.

Modules include:

  1. The Science of Happiness, Well-Being & Flourishing
  2. Maximising Positive Emotions
  3. Identifying and Applying your Strengths
  4. Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life
  5. Developing Optimism & Building Resilience
  6. Mindsets & Motivation

Your masterclass will be facilitated by Bridget Grenville-Cleave (MSc MAPP, MBA, FCCA) and Miriam Akhtar (MSc MAPP), two of Europe’s most experienced Positive Psychology trainers and founder members of the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology and the International Positive Psychology Association. For more information, contact Bridget on +44 (0)7740 635756 or email Venue: Bristol, UK

Dates: 31st March & 1st April 2014 FULL; 9th & 10th June 2014 FULL; 2nd & 3rd Oct 2014 FULL; 17th & 18th November 2014 FULL; Thurs 29th & Fri 30th Jan 2015 FULL; Thurs 19th & Fri 20th March 2015 FULL: Thurs 4th & Fri 5th June 2015; Mon 28th & Tues 29th Sept 2015 FULL; Thurs 10th & Fri 11th March 2016 FULL; 14th & 15th July 2016 FULL; 3rd & 4th Nov 2016 FULL; 23rd & 24th Mar 2017

Investment: £575 + vat. This includes a hot/cold lunch on both days, refreshments throughout and all course materials.

March 2017 Early Bird / Concessionary Rate (booked & paid for by BACS by Friday 24th Feb 2017): £395 + vat. Contact Bridget[at] if booking the Early Bird / Concessionary rate.


Positive Psychology Masterclass Part 2: Positive Psychology in Practice

This two day Masterclass builds on the foundations of Part 1, showing you how you can apply Positive Psychology in coaching, the workplace and the community. This hands-on approach will give you the tools to use Positive Psychology in a one-to-one context such as coaching or therapy and apply the science of flourishing to groups and organisations. Our recommendation is that you attend the Positive Psychology Masterclass Part 1 first for optimal, experiential learning and the opportunity to benefit from the tools.

Modules include:

7. Well-Being at Work

8. Coaching with Positive Psychology

9. Flourishing: the Psychology of Success

10. Strengths in Coaching, Therapy and Organisations

11. Meaning & Engagement 

12. Developing Positive Relationships


Your masterclass will be facilitated by Bridget Grenville-Cleave (MSc MAPP, MBA, FCCA) and Miriam Akhtar (MSc MAPP), two of Europe’s most experienced Positive Psychology trainers and founder members of the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology and the International Positive Psychology Association. For more information, contact Bridget on +44 (0)7740 635756 or email Bridget[at]

Venue: Bristol, UK Date:  19th/20th May 2014 FULL; 21st/22nd July 2014 FULL; 08/09 Dec 2014 FULL; Mon 27th & Tues 28th April 2015 FULL; Thurs 19th & Fri 20th Nov 2015 FULL; Thurs 21st & Fri 22nd April 2016 FULL; 29th & 30th Sept 2016 FULL; 12th & 13th Jan 2017; 27th & 28th April 2017

Investment: £575+ vat. This includes a hot/cold lunch on both days, refreshments throughout and all course materials.

January 2017 Early Bird / Concessionary Rate (booked & paid for by BACS by Fri 16th Dec 2016): £395 + vat. Contact Bridget[at] if booking the Early Bird / Concessionary rate.


April 2017 Early Bird / Concessionary Rate (booked & paid for by BACS by Fri 3rd March 2017): £395 + vat. Contact Bridget[at] if booking the Early Bird / Concessionary rate.


7 Highly Effective Habits of Happy People

This special one-day workshop is a fun, practical taster of the science of Positive Psychology in which we share seven of the scientifically-proven tools to increase happiness. Date: Saturday 17th May 10.00 – 17.00 Venue: Engineers’ House, Clifton Down, Bristol BS8 3NB In this wholly practical day you will have the opportunity to try for yourself some of the highly effective habits which science shows us lead to sustainable happiness. You will sample the evidence-based tools to boost your positivity, develop your capacity for happiness and build your well-being, making a significant difference to your life. This approach is based on the scientific evidence that you can increase your own happiness, and that the skills to do this can be learned. At the end of the day you will come away with a personal toolbox of happiness boosters, being handed the keys to a flourishing life. Habits for Happiness

  • Developing Positivity
  • Savouring & Appreciation
  • Playing to your Strengths
  • Finding Meaning
  • Making Positive Connections
  • Learned Optimism
  • Taking Positive Directions

Investment: £99 before 30th April; £125 thereafter



Positive Psychology Online

After a year of hosting popular Positive Psychology Masterclasses we are pioneering an online version for people in the UK, Europe and elsewhere. Positive Psychology Online: six modules over six 60-minute sessions delivered live through telephone and web conferencing, plus a FREE Taster Session. This will be useful if you would like to cover the core elements of positive psychology but can’t get to London or Bristol to attend a course in person.  It’s also suitable for those who would like to master positive psychology techniques for their professional and personal use. This autumn we’re piloting this series ahead of the official launch of Positive Psychology Online. You can participate in the pilot, starting with a FREE taster session on 2nd September, for the special price of £165 + VAT.  There is a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 participants, so book now to secure your place. Six Modules over Six Weeks

  • The scientific sources of Happiness – hedonic well-being
  • Maximizing Positive Emotions
  • Applying Strengths for success
  • Optimism & Resilience: recovering well-being
  • Eudaimonic well-being: finding  meaning & purpose in life
  • Building Positive Relationships in your personal and professional life

Positive Psychology Online: Tues 2nd Sept (FREE taster), then Tues 9th, Tues 16th , Tues 23rd, Tues 30th Sept, Tues 7th Oct, Tues 14th Oct from 20.00-21.00 UK time. Discounted Rate only £165 + vat

Join us for the international positive psychology training series this autumn!

Positive Leadership Masterclasses

What you will gainThis unique masterclass provides organisational leaders with innovative, inspiring and practical leadership skills, knowledge and behaviours based on leading-edge research from the new science of Positive Psychology, as well as practical case studies of leaders and organisations already benefitting from Positive Psychology approaches. You will discover how to increase and enhance individual, team and organisational performance, well-being and engagement by integrating Positive Psychology into your leadership practice.

Modules include:

  • Introduction to Positive Psychology at Work
  • Developing a positive culture
  • Identifying and developing strengths and values
  • Creating positive meaning and purpose in work
  • Building and sustaining engagement

To find out more about  the Positive Leadership Masterclass and how it can benefit you and your organisation, contact Bridget on 07740 635756 Find out more about WorkMad

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